Exclusive Interview: Activist Who Shocked ‘Monday Night Football’ Reveals Story Behind @BankofAmerica Protest

License: Audio  Contributor: Joshua B. Pribanic Published: November 2015

On Monday Night Football four activists successfully made their way into the Bank of America Stadium with ‘Batman’ gear and two rappelled from the bleachers unfolding a banner that read “BoA, Dump Dominion,” shocking the NFL, ESPN, and 70,000 person stadium.

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Drilling Company Hasn’t Released Chemical List More Than A Month After Drinking Water Contamination

Investigation: Part 5 of 9  Published: October 2015

More than a month after unapproved chemicals were illegally dispersed into drinking water aquifers, 85 – 90% of the chemical mixture is still unknown. The chemicals were part of a “surfactant solution” used for a drilling operation by JKLM Energy, LLC at its Reese Hollow 118 well pad in Potter County, Pennsylvania.


BREAKING: Oil & Gas DRILLING IMPACTS Public Drinking Water SupplIES in Potter County

Investigation: Part 4 of 9  Published: September 2015

BREAKING: Two public drinking water systems have impacted and at least five private water supplies contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, Pennsylvania.


Public Herald 30-Month Report Finds DEP Fracking Complaint Investigations Are “Cooked”

Investigation: Part 2 of 9  Published: September 2015

In the largest release of fracking records in Pennsylvania history, Public Herald finds Water Contamination Investigations are “Cooked”

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Cooked & Shredded! An exclusive whistleblower report by Public Herald

Investigation: Part 3 of 9  Published: September 2015  Publishing Partner: Erie Reader (front-page print exclusive)

As an investigative journalist, you never know when a whistleblower will arrive, and it’s most often when you least expect it.

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Residents Give Last Words of Advice About Battle to Store Tanks of Fracking Waste in Backyards

Location: SMITHFIELD, PA OF BRADFORD COUNTY  Submission: WASTE NOT GROUP  Published: November 2015 (coming soon)

We were fighting an uphill battle from the start: our appeal was one based primarily on apprehensions and fears…

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Public Herald Releases First Documentary Feature on 18-month Fracking Investigation

Running Time: 90min

Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking capable of speaking to all sides…

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