Investigation: SMOKING GUN  Published: February 2018

In an untold number of drinking water complaint investigations by the Pennsylvania DEP, chemicals are being detected in trip blanks, and the Department is not retesting each of those water supplies. Even when those chemicals are associated with fracking.


Investigation: SMOKING GUN  Published: January 2018

Ending a seven-year legal battle, residents’ settled for a meager sum in 2015. To get the money, Southwestern required each plaintiff to sign what has become an industry standard in oil and gas areas across the U.S. – the “non-disclosure agreement” (a.k.a. “gag order”) – whereby signing, residents trade money for their freedom of speech, agreeing never to talk about their water problems and the company again.


Radioactive Wastewater, Treated by a Private Company, Discharged to a Public Works, Sent to a River

Location: COUDERSPORT, PA Submission: Joshua B. Pribanic Published: January 2018

In the application, Epiphany uses a sample of fracking wastewater provided by a JKLM Energy operation in Potter County, and it’s loaded with radioactive material. Some results show detections 1,000 times greater than what’s safe for drinking water.


Fracking Waste Facility Proposed For Upper Allegheny River – Public Hearing 1/16/18

Location: COUDERSPORT, PA Submission: Melissa Troutman Published: January 2018

It’s in this fine print that the true nature of what this facility does is revealed: it will not simply take in “water” and make it “pure” again. It will take in toxic waste, and it will produce toxic waste – two very important facts that are absent from the discussions I’ve heard at and read in the minutes of Coudersport Borough and CAMA meetings.


A Letter To Those Who Will Stand For What’s Right

Location: GRANT, PA Submission: GRANT TWP. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Published: January 2018

We understand that the real problem isn’t the injection well, but the system of law that keeps trying to shut us down, and keeps telling us that we don’t have the right to protect our community from a company with a history of permit violations from dumping toxic frack waste where we live.

Published: 36 OPINIONS  Submit OP-ED to PUBLIC HERALD


Investigation: Invisible Hand  Published: October 2017

Over the past seven months, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has received an influx of phone calls from residents alleging that officials at the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have ignored or covered up drinking water contamination, illness, animal deaths, and other impacts they relate to oil and gas operations.


Investigation: Invisible Hand  Published: April 2017

“Should a polluting corporation have the right to inject toxic waste, or should a community have the right to protect itself? I was elected to serve this community, and to protect the rights in our Charter voted in by the people I represent. If we have to physically and nonviolently stop the trucks from coming in because the courts fail us, we will do so. And we invite others to stand with us.”

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Investigation: Invisible Hand  Published: February 2017

“I think the state is in bed with the gas companies. My husband calls them DGP – Department of Gas Protection – because that’s what they’re about. To hell with us.”


Hidden Data Suggests Fracking Created Widespread, Systemic Impact in Pennsylvania

Investigation: Invisible Hand  Published: January 2017

After a three-year investigation in Pennsylvania, Public Herald has uncovered evidence of widespread and systemic impacts related to “fracking,” a controversial oil and gas technology.


Public Herald Calls for Federal Criminal Investigation of Pennsylvania DEP & US EPA

License: Public Press Release  Published: June 2016

On June 14th, 2016, the investigative news nonprofit Public Herald called for a federal investigation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) during testimony before the US EPA Science Advisory Board regarding water contamination related to Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas, commonly called “fracking.”


Pennsylvania Township First To Legalize Civil Disobedience & ‘Bad Boy’ Tim DeChristopher Has Their Back

License: Public Press Release  Published: May 2016

“We’re tired of being told by corporations and our so-called environmental regulatory agencies that we can’t stop this injection well,” Grant Township Supervisor Stacy Long explained.  “This isn’t a game.  We’re being threatened by a corporation with a history of permit violations, and that corporation wants to dump toxic frack wastewater into our Township.”

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BREAKING: Oil & Gas DRILLING IMPACTS Public Drinking Water SupplIES in Potter County

Investigation: Part 4 of 9  Published: September 2015

BREAKING: Two public drinking water systems have impacted and at least five private water supplies contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, Pennsylvania.


Public Herald 30-Month Report Finds DEP Fracking Complaint Investigations Are “Cooked”

Investigation: Part 2 of 9  Published: September 2015

In the largest release of fracking records in Pennsylvania history, Public Herald finds Water Contamination Investigations are “Cooked”

Project: INVISIBLE HAND  Type: DOCUMENTARY  Status: CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN  Cost: $200K  Timeline: MARCH 2014-2016


Cooked & Shredded! An exclusive whistleblower report by Public Herald

Investigation: Part 3 of 9  Published: September 2015  Publishing Partner: Erie Reader (front-page print exclusive)

As an investigative journalist, you never know when a whistleblower will arrive, and it’s most often when you least expect it.

Project: INVISIBLE HAND  Type: DOCUMENTARY  Status: CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN  Cost: $200K  Timeline: MARCH 2014-2016


Public Herald Releases First Documentary Feature on 18-month Fracking Investigation

Running Time: 90min

Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking capable of speaking to all sides…

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