Public Herald Calls for Federal Criminal Investigation of Pennsylvania DEP & US EPA

License: Public Press Release  Published: June 2016

On June 14th, 2016, the investigative news nonprofit Public Herald called for a federal investigation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) during testimony before the US EPA Science Advisory Board regarding water contamination related to Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas, commonly called “fracking.”


RTK Reveals Water Treatment Systems Installed in Potter County After JKLM Energy Chemical Release

License: Public Press Release  Published: May 2016

A recent Right to Know request by Public Herald to Potter County Commissioners for emails between the commissioners and JKLM Energy, the oil and gas company that polluted drinking water resources in September 2015, has revealed that six water treatment systems have been placed in affected homes.


Pennsylvania Township First To Legalize Civil Disobedience & ‘Bad Boy’ Tim DeChristopher Has Their Back

License: Public Press Release  Published: May 2016

“We’re tired of being told by corporations and our so-called environmental regulatory agencies that we can’t stop this injection well,” Grant Township Supervisor Stacy Long explained.  “This isn’t a game.  We’re being threatened by a corporation with a history of permit violations, and that corporation wants to dump toxic frack wastewater into our Township.”

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@EPA Missed Thousands of Water Complaints After Telling Public Fracking is Safe

Location: PITTSBURGH, PA Submission: PUBLIC HERALD STAFF  Published: February 2016

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sabotaged the public trust and violated the public interest by also ignoring stacks of documented evidence that fracking poses a major risk to drinking water supplies.

Published: 34 OPINIONS  Submit OP-ED to PUBLIC HERALD


Public Comment Denied After State Finds BTEX & Unidentified Compounds in Drinking Water Investigation

Investigation: Part 4 of 6  Published: December 2015

“After sitting through almost two hours of those presentations, there’s no way I’m using my water,” said a resident of the North Hollow JKLM Energy investigation who attended a meeting to be assured their water was safe to drink.

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BREAKING: Oil & Gas DRILLING IMPACTS Public Drinking Water SupplIES in Potter County

Investigation: Part 4 of 9  Published: September 2015

BREAKING: Two public drinking water systems have impacted and at least five private water supplies contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, Pennsylvania.


Public Herald 30-Month Report Finds DEP Fracking Complaint Investigations Are “Cooked”

Investigation: Part 2 of 9  Published: September 2015

In the largest release of fracking records in Pennsylvania history, Public Herald finds Water Contamination Investigations are “Cooked”

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Cooked & Shredded! An exclusive whistleblower report by Public Herald

Investigation: Part 3 of 9  Published: September 2015  Publishing Partner: Erie Reader (front-page print exclusive)

As an investigative journalist, you never know when a whistleblower will arrive, and it’s most often when you least expect it.

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Public Herald Releases First Documentary Feature on 18-month Fracking Investigation

Running Time: 90min

Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking capable of speaking to all sides…

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