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INVISIBLE HAND is a term inherited from economic rhetoric about the unseen force that “balances” the worldwide marketplace. Public Herald borrows this term for a series of exposés that make visible how the public is managing the external costs of our current free-market economy. Through the lens of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in one of the largest fossil fuel extraction zones in the United States, we uncover a series of stories that challenge our conventional views of economy, human rights and Democracy.

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‘We Are Not Free’ – Pennsylvania Sues Communities For Banning Frack Waste

Investigation: Part 5 of 6  Published: April 2017

“Should a polluting corporation have the right to inject toxic waste, or should a community have the right to protect itself? I was elected to serve this community, and to protect the rights in our Charter voted in by the people I represent. If we have to physically and nonviolently stop the trucks from coming in because the courts fail us, we will do so. And we invite others to stand with us.”

“To Hell With Us” – Records of Misconduct Found Inside Pa. Drinking Water Investigations

Investigation: Part 8 of 9  Published: February 2017

“I think the state is in bed with the gas companies. My husband calls them DGP – Department of Gas Protection – because that’s what they’re about. To hell with us.”

Hidden Data Suggests Fracking Created Widespread, Systemic Impact in Pennsylvania

Investigation: Part 7 of 9  Published: January 2017

After a three-year investigation in Pennsylvania, Public Herald has uncovered evidence of widespread and systemic impacts related to “fracking,” a controversial oil and gas technology.

One Year Later: Officials Found Drilling Chemicals in Public Water, But Told No One

Investigation: Part 6 of 9  Published: September 2016

“Public Herald has uncovered evidence that, from the very beginning, JKLM Energy and DEP officials knew contaminants were detected in public drinking water, but told no one.”

Investigation: Part 4 of 6  Published: December 2015

“After sitting through almost two hours of those presentations, there’s no way I’m using my water,” said a resident of the North Hollow JKLM Energy investigation who attended a meeting to be assured their water was safe to drink.

Investigation: Part 5 of 9  Published: September 2015

More than a month after unapproved chemicals were illegally dispersed into drinking water aquifers, 85 – 90% of the chemical mixture is still unknown. The chemicals were part of a “surfactant solution” used for a drilling operation by JKLM Energy, LLC at its Reese Hollow 118 well pad in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Investigation: Part 4 of 9  Published: September 2015

BREAKING: Two public drinking water systems have impacted and at least five private water supplies contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Cooked & Shredded! An exclusive whistleblower report by Public Herald

Investigation: Part 3 of 9  Published: September 2015  Publishing Partner: Erie Reader (front-page print exclusive)

As an investigative journalist, you never know when a whistleblower will arrive, and it’s most often when you least expect it.

Public Herald 30-Month Report Finds DEP Fracking Complaint Investigations Are “Cooked”

Investigation: Part 2 of 9  Published: September 2015

In the largest release of fracking records in Pennsylvania history, Public Herald finds Water Contamination Investigations are “Cooked”

Pennsylvania Ecosystem Fights Corporation For Rights In Landmark Fracking Lawsuit

Investigation: Part 3 of 6  Published: December 2014

For the first time in United States history, an ecosystem — a watershed, to be exact — has filed to defend itself in a lawsuit.

The suit aims to reverse a local ban on the injection of fracking wastewater.

Grandmother Charged with Harassment After Trying to Speak About Fracking at Public Meeting

Investigation: Part 2 of 6 Published: October 2014

“I just can’t sit and do nothing about it. This is my home,” Grzinzic says. “We bought nightcrawlers for the kids to feed to the fish,

because they’re pets, and now we’re going to lose that too.”

Permit Allows Fracking Waste Storage in Backyards, Community Fights Back

Investigation: Part 1 of 6  Published: May 2014

The permit allows Chesapeake Energy to store 756,000 gallons of oil and gas liquid waste in tanks for six years

on a tract of land owned by Lamb’s Farm Storage.

DEP Manipulates Law On Complaint, Leaves Family Without Water

Investigation: Part 1 of 9  Published: March 2014

It’s day one and Christine Pepper’s family has no water.