“newsCOUP” is a newsroom installation from stock footage in the Public Herald library. The concept is meant to bring the audience behind the scenes of a Public Herald story and showcase the different pieces of media that thread our investigations together, while also promoting archives of stock footage produced by our Team that is available for licensing. If you wish to donate part of your footage or business space to a newsCOUP installation please contact us with your information.

If want to license footage from the newsCOUP library send your requests to info@publicherald.org with the title “newsCOUP License” in the subject line and a link to the footage.

IMPORTANT: If you see a newsCOUP at a coffeeshop or spray-painted on the street, or if you see something you think should be in the Public Herald library or inside of a project newsroom, send us a picture and tweet to @newsCOUP @PublicHerald and our TEAM will post about it.