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In September 2015 contaminants were introduced to private and public drinking water supplies in Potter County, Pennsylvania by a JKLM Energy drilling operation. The incident launched an ongoing investigation by Public Herald that exposed industry, local and state officials for minimizing risks to public health while encouraging more drilling near the affected area.

Investigation: Part 4 of 9  Published: September 2015

BREAKING: Two public drinking water systems have impacted and at least five private water supplies contaminated due to ongoing pollution being caused by a natural gas fracking operation of JKLM Energy in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Investigation: Part 5 of 9  Published: October 2015

More than a month after unapproved chemicals were illegally dispersed into drinking water aquifers, 85 – 90% of the chemical mixture is still unknown. The chemicals were part of a “surfactant solution” used for a drilling operation by JKLM Energy, LLC at its Reese Hollow 118 well pad in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Three Months After Water Contamination, Critical Questions Remain

License: Public Press Release  Published: December 2015

Three months after Public Herald broke the story about the contamination of groundwater sources for public and private water supplies in Potter County, Pennsylvania…99% of our most critical questions are still unanswered.

Investigation: Part 4 of 6  Published: December 2015

“After sitting through almost two hours of those presentations, there’s no way I’m using my water,” said a resident of the North Hollow JKLM Energy investigation who attended a meeting to be assured their water was safe to drink.

RTK Reveals Water Treatment Systems Installed in Potter County After JKLM Energy Chemical Release

License: Public Press Release  Published: May 2016

A recent Right to Know request by Public Herald to Potter County Commissioners for emails between the commissioners and JKLM Energy, the oil and gas company that polluted drinking water resources in September 2015, has revealed that six water treatment systems have been placed in affected homes.

Investigation: North Hollow  Published: September 2016

“Public Herald has uncovered evidence that, from the very beginning, JKLM Energy and DEP officials knew contaminants were detected in public drinking water, but told no one.”

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