Andrew RiedyAndrew is a foreign affairs officer at the U.S. Department of State where he helps develop and implement policies affecting European and Eurasian security.  He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and has an M.A. in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University and two B.A.s from The Ohio State University:  Russian and International Security.  While an undergraduate at Ohio State, Andrew founded a student advocacy organization, Students for Nuclear Nonproliferation (SNNP), dedicated to the non-use of nuclear weapons and gradual reduction of nuclear arsenals around the world though bi- and multi-lateral treaty based mechanisms.  Andrew is a strong supporter of transparent and sustainable energy policies at the local, state, and national levels, informed by a philosophy that humanity should not borrow against its future to pay for today’s wastefulness.  As a member of the Public Herald board of directors, Andrew provides strategic consultation to support the organization’s outreach and growth.