Legally Binding

Republishing Public Herald media for print in articles, magazines, newspapers or other printed distribution is subject to a licensing fee. Please contact for details.

A publication, person or blog must credit Public Herald when republishing our articles, research or media under the following guidelines and provide credit to the author as it appears in the original work (likely near the header).

Republishing Guidelines (online):

Full article: any Public Herald republished article must appear in its original form. A source code can be obtained for images or graphics via email. We embrace the culture of open source and sharing work online but will also defend our licensed material. The article must use an original logo provided by Public Herald at or near the top of the content and provide the following credit to the author:

  • Originally published by [Author name w/ link to author bio] for Public Herald [w/ link to original article]

Media: this applies to online use only. Any media appearing on Television, broadcast or in a commercial project online would be subject to a license agreement and fee with Public Herald Studios. The quality of the media is critical — compressing or optimizing that reduces detail or damages the media is prohibited. A link to the original work must be included either through the image or author credit to use media from Public Herald.

  • Photograph: © [name of photographer] for Public Herald
    • include complete caption if available
  • Vimeo: check the author and logo box
  • Youtube: state on website that video is [Produced by Public Herald]
  • Audio: verbally credit Public Herald as “Public Herald, a nonprofit investigative news organization” for any audio clip used and provide link on website if available

Credit: When citing Public Herald, press and authors of publications should refer to Public Herald as “a nonprofit investigative news organization serving the public interest” or “nonprofit investigative journalism” or “nonprofit investigative news source.”

Creative Commons License
Public Herald is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be granted by email request to
Op-ed’s are not subject to our Creative Commons License and need permission via email to be re-published.